Health Care and the American Dream

HCFA Board President Chip Joffe Halpern has written another keeper article in his series for the North Adams Transcript. Here’s how it starts:

Americans are consistently inconsistent when it comes to their attitudes toward health care. This observation, from a report written by the St. Luke’s Health Initiative of Arizona, is one of the reasons why Americans are stalemated when it comes to deciding how to expand health coverage to the uninsured. St. Luke’s observes that:

* Most Americans favor providing health coverage to the uninsured, financed by taxes.
* Most Americans don’t want to pay increased taxes themselves.
* Most Americans think the health care system is badly in need of reform.
* Most Americans express satisfaction with their personal use of the health care system.
* Most Americans don’t trust the government to do the right thing.
* Most Americans expect the government to do something.

What will it take to breakthrough the stalemate that has allowed 45 million Americans to go without health insurance?

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