Real Life Stories — Other Views

Here’s a contribution from a visitor to HCFA’s website:

Just paid our 1123 premium for the month. This is for a family of 3. That is co-pays on visits, drugs, hosp visits. And of course no dental. How many people do you know that could afford this premium? If the govt (all parties) wanted us to ALL have med coverage then they should do this:

1. allow us the self insured / self employed to fully deduct all insurance premiums off taxes. That includes federal and state taxes.

2. allow us to get the same reduced price for premiums that municipal workers pay for it.

3. allow us to purchase ins without paying into “a group” which is a couple of hundred dollars per year. That is another expense.

Small businesses are an American idea. What is happening is the small business person cannot afford med insurance. We will all see our property taxes increase in the next few years when municipal workers take early retirements and we are forced to pay their medical costs till they get to 65. Those fixed costs are never challenged and cuts occur with schools, police, and fire depts which affect all of us.

Lastly I would like to see all elected officials lose their health coverage. Let them deal with the above expenses. Things would have a better chance of getting fixed a whole lot sooner. I would love to sign a ballot petition and vote for that! I am starting to lean Libertarian where one has less taxes and takes care of themselves as the current system seems to be eliminating the middle class.


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