New Poll — Voters Favor MassACT Initiative 62-33%

Results from a new State House News Service poll of 400 voters conducted by Gerry Chervinsky:

“Though it contains a sizeable tax hike – 60 cents a pack on cigarettes and a new payroll levy on employers – a question that would expand health coverage in Massachusetts by underwriting insurance with the new tax revenue won a wide margin of support, 62.1 to 33 percent.”

That’s the MassACT Ballot Initiative, they’re talking about. We had nothing to do with this poll – and the results are not too shabby.

Other provocative results:

Voters opposed the proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, 51.9 to 42.6 percent.

Voters split – 46.2 percent in favor to 46.7 percent opposed – on an initiative that would order the governor to call Massachusetts National Guard troops home from Iraq.

Voters support an initiative legalizing the sale of wine in food stores, 76.4 – 22.3 percent.

The survey included hypothetical matchups of Lieutenant Gov. Kerry Healey against the most likely Democratic nominees. Healey lost to all three of the likely Democratic candidates: Reilly, Deval Patrick and Secretary of State William Galvin.

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