A Business Voice for Guaranteed Issue

I’ve previously recommended the Health Business Blog written by Boston-based David Williams at MedPharma Partners. One of the best of a good crop of health policy blogs. In response to

Monday’s Healthy Blog on Gov. Romney, the Wall Street Journal, and “guaranteed issue,” David offered his own thoughts on this topic, well worth a read and a visit. Thanks for the great posting, David! Keep checking out this useful and well written site.

“Guaranteed issue and community rating are attacked by critics as left-wing ideas, which drive up costs and interfere with the market. But in my own experience, these rules actually promote entrepreneurial activity (a capitalistic pursuit, last I checked.) ”

One additional thought — regardless of the source, Massachusetts is one of the top ten states with the lowest number of uninsured, even before health reform. If “guaranteed issue” were the disaster the Wall Street Journal suggests, wouldn’t we have a lot more uninsured than we do? And those “free market” states like Texas with more than 25% uninsured — if an unregulated market and medical underwriting are the answers, someone please tell me what the question is…

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