Kudos to House of Reps on Immigrant Health Care

In the midst of all the health reform veto overrides, let’s take a minute to salute the House for overriding Gov. Romney’s veto of restored health benefits for elderly and disabled legal immigrants (section 27). In this season of immigrant bashing, the House deserves thanks and praise for addressing this issue forthrightly and quickly. There were a lot of folks who worked very hard for this victory — especially everyone involved in the MIRACLE coalition — and most especially my big sister, Judy Meredith, who poured her heart and soul into this one.

Here’s Judy’s on-the-scene report (names disguised to protect the innocent):

“Well it was a little anti-climatic, because there was no debate on section 27 — and it was the last veto and the next to last vote before they broke.I thought I had mis-counted the number of veto over rides because I had seen one rep in her seat watching closely, and I had seen the Republicans talking to her. So when I ran downstairs to double check, she was the one who told me it had just happened and that the Republicans (‘the other side,’ she said) had asked to speak on it and she refused because they were legal, and as she leaned over to whisper in my ear gesturing between herself AND me, said ‘and they’re elderly and disabled.’ Maybe it is time for me to really retire.”

Not by my count, Judy.

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