John Kerry Sponsors 7/31 Faneuil Hall Health Care “Dialogue”

US Sen. John Kerry is sponsoring a health care dialogue at Boston’s Fanueil Hall on July 31 at 12 noon. Here’s the invitation:

Dear Friends,

On July 31, I hope you’ll join me to wade into a debate that underscores everything that’s at stake here at home — the struggle for health care that works for everybody. Few problems in our country have remained more intransigent, or have found less political leadership willing to tackle them, than health care. While Washington remains cautious, the problem gets worse. Over the last six years, six million more Americans have joined the ranks of the uninsured. Right now there are more than 46 million people uninsured in this country, including 11 million children. In the last five years health insurance premiums have gone up 73 percent. Health care costs for a family of four now cost more than a minimum wage worker earns in a year.

Health care related costs are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy, and for millions of Americans with care, the costs are going through the roof while the benefits keep getting squeezed. We’ve gone from an economy where our parents could count on a job coming with health care to an economy where many companies that do provide health care struggle to remain competitive while other big companies are deciding not to provide health care at all. We can’t afford to tinker around the edges. We need to take the health care issue head-on.

Join me at noon on July 31 at Faneuil Hall so we can jumpstart the dialogue we need to have about health care in America. Please arrive by 11:30 a.m. Tickets are free. Join the discussion: RSVP to attend on July 31.

Faneuil Hall is the birthplace of American democracy — the place where the big issues have been confronted, not avoided. That’s why I’m returning to Faneuil Hall to talk about health care. Your support and encouragement for our shared vision of a stronger America is critical. We need to make it clear that we won’t allow Washington or Wall Street to ignore the health care crisis any longer. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you on Monday, July 31.

John Kerry

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1 Response to John Kerry Sponsors 7/31 Faneuil Hall Health Care “Dialogue”

  1. JUdy Deutsch says:

    I want to attend hte Faneuil Hall health care discussion today.
    I hope Senator Kerry will support HR 676, John Conyerr’s single payer unviersal health care bill tht will get all U.S. residents affordable, quality health care through the economies of a single-payer stsyem aand mass-purchasing of pharmaceuticals. It is long past itme that this nation stopped kowtowing to the health care insurance industry which makes tremendous profits at our expense. It is also well past time that we stop kowtowing to the pharmaceutical industry, one of the biggest profit-makers in this nation.

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