Market Merger Commission to Meet on Thursday

The Commission on the Small/Nongroup market merger will meet this Thursday, 10 to 11:30am at the Division of Insurance at One South Station. Check out the Agenda below. Doesn’t look as enlightening as earlier meetings, though still worth attending to hear what they say about research assumptions. These meetings are a great opportunity to learn the complexity of what may happen to the private insurance market post merger, post mandate, post creation of Connector products.
1. Data retrieval update
2. Initial data analysis (summary tables)
3. Assumption review for baseline forecast

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1 Response to Market Merger Commission to Meet on Thursday

  1. The merger of the small-group and non-group markets has been one of the most hotly contested components in Chapter 58 among insurers. One insurer claims that it will cause small-group rates to rise as much as 10% while another claims there will be a small decrease. The same insurers expect the non-group customer’s savings will be somewhere between a little and a lot. There are no other states in the country where such a merger has been attempted.

    I absolutely agree with the opinion of the author of this entry (“Market Merger Commission to Meet on Thursday”) that this will be a great opportunity to see how the Commission deals with this part of the law. The impact on the cost of coverage, especially for the non-group customer whose earnings are 301% of FPL simply must fit in with the array of other costs which, on the one hand are subsidized for those under 300% of FPL and on the other hand have heretofore been determined by age, location, industry, family size and regulation for the smallest groups.

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