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More Commonwealth Care Info

The Connector has posted a number of new items relating to Commonwealth Care. We expect the information flow will be much easier in the new year, once the Connector is free of the state web template and has its own … Continue reading

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Great Globe Coverage Today on MA Health Reform and Commonwealth Care Phase II

Two first rate pieces in today’s Globe: one assessing MA health reform’s progress and pitfalls, and the other previewing the expansion of Commonwealth Care plans — beginning next week — to uninsured with incomes between 100 and 300% of the … Continue reading

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Last Minute Request for Our Blog Fans — Please Consider an End-of-the-Year Donation to HCFA

We know you’re out there because we have the data — 500 to 700 unique viewers of this website daily. We appreciate the opportunity offered by this space to report information, analysis, and documents that are unavailable anywhere else on … Continue reading

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Patrick-Murray Health Care Transition Team Documents

The final report of the Health Care Working Group — part of a large number of Patrick-Murray Transition working groups — is now available at the Transition website. Click here for the final health care working group report. There are … Continue reading

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Beacon Hill Reports to Wall Street on Health Reform II

Last September, we reported on how MA was explaining health reform to Wall Street in their official bond documents — read here. On 12/12/06, state officials submitted an “information statement supplement” including updated financial information on many aspects of state … Continue reading

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Good Move — Gov. Elect Patrick to Restore All Romney 9C Cuts

From State House News: PATRICK TO RESTORE NEARLY ALL ROMNEY’S ‘9C’ CUTS: All of the money, over $380 million, trimmed from the state budget by Gov. Mitt Romney will go back in, Gov. -elect Deval Patrick’s top budget aide said … Continue reading

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Final Free Rider Surcharge Regs Issued

The MA Division of Health Care Finance and Policy has issued final regulations relating to the “employer surcharge for state-funded health costs” otherwise known as the “free rider surcharge.” Click here for a direct link to the final regs. Here’s … Continue reading

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