March Madness — Fasten Seat Belts

Busy, busy month ahead with some huge decisions looming – not least of which is the Connector Board Meeting on 3/20 where they are supposed to decide on standards for “minimally creditable coverage” and affordability parameters to determine who gets penalized for non-coverage under the Individual Mandate. Fasten your seat belts – this ride may get bumpy.

Patient Safety Awareness Week: March 4-10, 2007
The National Patient Safety Foundation designates this week to raise awareness about safety. HCFA is taking part with a legislative briefing. If you want to raise awareness or organize an event, find tools at Use this week to contact legislators about the need for legislation to improve health care quality in Massachusetts.

Legislative Briefing on Healthcare Quality: Monday, March 5, 11am-12:00pm State House, Room A-1HCFA, Sen. Richard Moore, and Rep. Denise Provost, will host a briefing for legislators and staff. The agenda includes a quality expert (Paula Griswold of the MA Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors), and members of the Consumer Health Quality Council. We hope to have consumers and quality advocates attending, so please join! Consumers will visit legislators, so RSVP to Deb Wachenheim ( or 617-275-2902) if you can attend.

GBIO Healthcare Affordability Action/Press Conference: Thursday, March 8, 8:15am, State House, Nurses Hall
As the Connector Board readies to make two critical decisions, the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization is committed to ensuring that the individual mandate is implemented fairly. This press conference is their opportunity to demonstrate to the Governor, the Legislature and the Connector that MA citizens will not accept a regressive, punitive tax on poor and moderate income families packaged as health reform. This is not the consensus business, government, and civic communities agreed upon.

Connector Board Meeting: Thursday, March 8, 9:00am, One Ashburton Place, 21st Floor

Connector Board Policy Sub-Committee meeting: Tuesday, March 13, time & location TBA
The Policy Sub-Committee will meet to finalize decisions on Minimum Creditable Coverage and potentially begin discussions on an affordability schedule for the individual mandate.

Connector Board Meeting: Tuesday, March 20, 9:00am, One Ashburton Place, 21st Floor

HCFA’s 2007 Policy & Organizing Conference: Friday, March 30, 9am-4pm, Westborough, MA Doubletree
Join us at this annual event and learn, hear from organizing experts, listen to inspiring keynote speakers. Featured speakers: Gov. Deval Patrick, Sect. of Health and Human Services JudyAnn Bigby, Connector Exec. Dir. Jon Kingsdale. Choose from many workshops, including a quality workshop featuring Jim Conway of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and members of our Consumer Health Quality Council. Workshops on children’s mental health, oral health, racial and ethnic health disparities, and a lot more. Learn more and register on-line at

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5 Responses to March Madness — Fasten Seat Belts

  1. Weston MA says:

    Self-employed, I couldn’t agree more… it’s going to be yet another fleecing of the taxpayer, infringement on our personal liberties, and failure to solve any real problem.

  2. Self-Employed says:

    Like most things in Mass. politics, I suspect an eleventh hour deal which benefits the connected few and costs the rest of us. I fear this mandate will turn into the “Big Dig” for health insurance companies.

  3. Weston Mass says:

    Finally, what is the role of contractors, not-for-profits, and state-related agencies to be in the future of health care in massachusetts?

  4. Weston MA says:

    I also wonder what the limits on insurance companies will need to be. I have heard too many stories of people being denied necessary treatments.

  5. Weston MA says:

    I think it is so important that Massachusetts be a leader and example for health care solutions… but we also need to recognize the rights of the citizens, and keep an eye on the economic effectiveness of our solution. We need to make health care more efficient, and that means less overhead and red tape.

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