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Why Are US Health Costs So High II

Thanks to Nancy Turnbull for providing the link to the McKinsey & Company report on which the WaPo article was based. Click here for the short version of the report. Click here for access to all related documents, long and … Continue reading

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Why Are US Health Care Costs So High? The Answer…

Wanna know why health care is so much more expensive in the US than anywhere else on the planet? One article, a Steven Perlstein piece in the 2/14 Washington Post, says it all. Click here, read it and understand. Tell … Continue reading

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In-Store Clinics: Good or Bad?

This week’s New England Journal of Medicine has a balanced and smartly-written analysis of the the new brand of in-store primary care clinics sprouting all over the place. Maybe they disrupt primary care relationships, diminish continuity of care, and degrade … Continue reading

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Guess What? Not All Business Thinks Prescription Drugs Are Unnecessary

Some days, it’s strictly dogville. And some days, it seems the health policy gods (and goddesses) are smiling and rooting for us. As the Connector Authority moves toward a decision on whether prescription drugs should be part of the “minimum … Continue reading

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See our February 10 posting on We got a vigorous and much appreciated set of comments. Mark Donnelly, the developer of this unique site, has written a lengthy response to all the comments and criticisms — see response #14. … Continue reading

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Quality/Cost Council Seeking Cost Control Ideas

The Quality and Cost Council established under Chapter 58 Health Reform is seeking ideas on ways to control rising health care costs in Massachusetts. Deadline is 2/28 — details below: One of the Cost Subcommittee’s goals is to establish statewide … Continue reading

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Congress Gets to Work on SCHIP Reauthorization

From today’s Kaiser Health Policy Report. Good news. Congressional leaders are already working hard on how to pay for a robust reauthorization of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), ignoring the miserly number included in Pres. Bush’s FY08 budget … Continue reading

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Mitt Talks with Stephanopoulos on MA Health Reform

Mitt Romney appeared on ABC’s This Week on Sunday with George Stephanopoulos and answered questions on the MA health reform law. Click here for the full interview — the MA health part is on the 4th page. Stephanopoulos: You passed … Continue reading

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California’s First Health Reform Hearing

Check out the Health Access California blog for an account of the first legislative hearing on Gov. Schwarzenegger’s far-reaching health plan. Sen. Sheila Kuehl, chief sponsor of the CA single payer legislation, chaired the hearing. While many states are now … Continue reading

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Paul Levy’s at It Again

Paul Levy’s at it again (see his blog today) — raising uncomfortable questions and challenging his own industry as well as payers to step up to the plate to be open, transparent, and accountable on real life, real time quality … Continue reading

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