BBJ Documents Employer Confusion over C.58

Mark Hollmer at the Boston Business Journal has been doing some fine writing documenting the confusion afoot for businesses and consumers about the health reform law. His piece this week continues this effort and is worth a read — click here. For some reason, this article does not require subscription access — thanks, BBJ.

The Connector does have a handbook for employers on the new law — click here — a good start, but many employers have idiosyncratic issues and needs that can’t be answered in a straightforward way.

Hollmer’s piece documents how some business folks who want to comply with the law find themselves stymied by lack of information and inflexible rules from some insurers.

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1 Response to BBJ Documents Employer Confusion over C.58

  1. David Harlow says:

    I’ve posted on my blog a presentation on ch. 58 I gave a few months back to a group of independent general counsels. It may be a helpful starting point for employers and their advisors.

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