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Consumer Advice to David Ortiz: How to Protect Yourself from Infections

One of our Consumer Health Quality Council members, Linda Klein, took it upon herself to send a hand-written letter to David Ortiz informing him of ways to protect himself from infection when he undergoes knee surgery. Dear Mr. Ortiz, I … Continue reading

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Quality and Cost Council to Hold Dialogues on Race/Ethnicity Data Collection

On Friday, November 16th, (2:30pm-430 pm), the Massachusetts Health Care Quality and Cost Council will start a series of dialogues related to collection of race and ethnicity data from Massachusetts health insurers. Once collected, the data will be measured and … Continue reading

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Mandating Prescription Drug Coverage Discussion at WBUR

WBUR’s Commonhealth Blog has an interesting back-and-forth on the issue of requiring prescription drug coverage as part of “MCC” — the minimum creditable coverage standards that specify what complies with the individual mandate. See it here The original post is … Continue reading

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Consumer Empowerment, Education, and Quality of Care

Jim Conway, Senior VP at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and chairman of the new Partnership for Healthcare Excellence, as well as a member of the advisory committee to HCFA’s quality initiative, had an op-ed in today’s Boston Globe … Continue reading

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Insurance Partnership Enrollment Up nearly 5K

Mark Hollmer in the Boston Business Journal reports that enrollment in the state’s Insurance Partnership program has grown from 13,500 to 18,000 over the past year. The number of participating employers rose from 5,200 to 6,400. This is good news … Continue reading

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Observations on the Connector Board’s Second Retreat

First, the Connector board and staff make up an impressive and confidence inspiring group. They are wrestling with unprecedented challenges never tackled by anyone in the United States, and doing so openly, candidly, and smartly. Second, particular kudos to Board … Continue reading

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Reader’s Guide to the Connector Retreat

Here are identities of key individuals and definitions of key programs mentioned in the previous five postings: 1. Melissa Boudreault, Connector Staff 2. Nonnie Burnes, Connector Board Member and Commission of State Division of Insurance, ex officio 3. Bob Carey, … Continue reading

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