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Sam Allis, the Labyrinth, and Our Health Care “Pottersville”

In today’s Globe (“Lost in the Labyrinth“), columnist Sam Allis explores “the labyrinth called Chapter 58” and gets a “case of the vapors.” From all appearances, seems like he talked with Codman Square ED Bill Walczak and no one else. … Continue reading

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The “Urge for Going” Is Spreading

Leadership changes are in the wind these days. Two recent announcements of note: Ali Noorani, the dynamic executive director of the MA Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition since November 2003, is moving to new challenges in Washington DC. Ali helped … Continue reading

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US HHS Sect. Leavitt Visits Boston, Talks Waiver “Refinements”

State House News Service report on a visit to Boston today by US Health & Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, who has final sign-off authority of renewal of Massachusetts Section 1115 Medicaid Waiver, the essential financing source for MA Health … Continue reading

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Kudos to Commonwealth Care Alliance

Yesterday’s Globe included an editorial (“Managing Care the Right Way“) giving well deserved praise to Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) — NO relation at all to Commonwealth Care, health reform’s subsidized insurance program: MANAGED CARE got a bad reputation in the … Continue reading

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These Days, Health Reform Talk Isn’t Cheap, II

Closing in on health reform’s two year anniversary, some things are worth remembering. Many observers saw that the financing plan to sustain Chapter 58 over the medium and long haul was deficient. We saw it, and commented that the time … Continue reading

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These Days, Health Reform Talk Isn’t Cheap, I

No big decisions or developments in the past 24 hours on MA health reform. But a lot of comments and attention — all focussed on the state’s growing financial pressures in paying for health reform in general and Commonwealth Care … Continue reading

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“Confessions of a Former Drug Rep”

Shahram Ahari, former Eli Lilly drug “detailer,” shared the tricks of the trade on NECN this week (two parts): Shahram, who now travels the country testifying to legislatures considering measures to regulate pharmaceutical marketing and speaking to doctors and medical … Continue reading

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Fed/State Use of Contract Workers Adds to Uninsured

Today’s Wall Street Journal discusses the federal government’s own contribution to the problem of the uninsured through it’s use of contract employees who do not receive health benefits even when they function as pseudo-full time workers: Covering the uninsured is … Continue reading

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HCFA’s Fifth Policy & Organizing Conference This Friday!

HCFA’s 5th Annual Policy and Organizing Conference will be held this Friday! The day will be packed with informative and interesting events, including a keynote address from A&F Secretary (and Connector Board Chair) Leslie Kirwan on cost control, a Community … Continue reading

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Primer on One of the Next Big Things — Preventable Hospital Readmissions

Check out this great Commonwealth Fund series of articles on preventable hospital readmissions. Right on the heels of conversations about hospital acquired infections (or “healthcare associated infections” as others like to call them), one of the next big quality/cost conversations, … Continue reading

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