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More on the 50 Plus Report: The State Is This Year’s Poster Child

Jeff Krasner covers the release of the State report on employers with 50 or more workers/dependents on MassHealth, the Health Safety Net Trust, and Commonwealth Care on the top of the business section in today’s Globe. Perhaps the biggest suprise: … Continue reading

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Numbers of the Moment: 474,134 people, $636.8 million

The Division of Health Care Finance and Policy released their long-awaited report on Massachusetts firms with 50 or more workers using MassHealth, Commonwealth Care or the Uncompensated Care Pool (the report and all the supporting data is here) The bottom … Continue reading

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Consumer Reports Tackles “Overtreatment”

Check out this f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c piece in the new Consumer Reports on why consumers should care about medical overtreatment: The chronically ill are not the only ones vulnerable to overly aggressive care. Consider the case of a middle-aged IBM executive from … Continue reading

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Connector Hearing Reviews CommCare Regulations

The Connector Authority held a regulatory hearing yesterday on regulations governing Commonwealth Care. The draft regulations incorporated recommendations by Connector staff on the premium hardship waiver process, and updated plan type changes that resulted from FY 2009 managed care contract … Continue reading

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Mass Scores High On Kid’s Health

Today, The Commonwealth Fund released its national rankings of child health performance (report here, and way cool interactive map here). Each state was evaluated on dimensions such as access, quality, costs, and “potential to lead health lives.” Massachusetts ranks as … Continue reading

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HW&M Chairman DeLeo on the Gift Ban

From State House News yesterday: “… A Senate effort to ban all gifts from pharmaceutical firms to health care workers is the most contentious piece of Senate President Therese Murray’s health care cost control proposal, House Ways and Means chair … Continue reading

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DVR Alert: Chronicle on Hospital-Acquired Infections

Assuming you will be at tonight’s GBIO celebration, you may want to tape tonight’s Chronicle (channel 5 at 7 pm), which focuses on hospital-acquired infections and features our very own Consumer Health Quality Council members Lucilia Prates and Ginny Harvey. … Continue reading

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