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A Healthy Exception to the Bad Revenue News

Today Governor Patrick announced that continued revenue declines will mean more midyear budget cuts. As much as $1 billion in further cuts may be needed. “There’s a lot of pain, and it’s going to have to be spread around,” Patrick … Continue reading

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E-Health Success Story in Wisconsin

With a national focus on e-health as a piece of the national health reform puzzle, and President-elect Obama looking to spend $50 billion on the adoption of e-health technology, the New York Times Business section featured an article this past … Continue reading

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And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

The season of giving is almost over and there’s only one day left to donate to HCFA in 2008. We, like others in these difficult economic times, are struggling to meet our fundraising goals. In order to continue the important … Continue reading

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Marcia Angell: Call it Corruption

Former NEJM editor Marcia Angell lays out the whole range of pharma industry control over medicine in a review, Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption in the New York Review of Books. Angell’s conclusions bear directly on the … Continue reading

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MAHP Falls Into The Trap: The Mandated Benefits Fallacy, Yet Again Again

We promised we would never let this false information go unanswered. Once again, someone has misused the DHCFP study on the cost of mandated health insurance benefits in Massachusetts to make the false claim that mandated benefits add up to … Continue reading

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DOR Uninsurance Data Shows (Again) Who’s Covered and Who’s Not

Yesterday afternoon, the Department of Revenue (DOR) released their draft penalty guidelines for the uninsured in 2009 as well as an updated report on insurance mandate compliance in 2007.  Click here for the press release, here for the draft penalties … Continue reading

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Drug Industry Payment Disclosure Certified as Cost-Saving

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the non-partisan gold standard in evaluating the economic impact of policy change, has determined that requiring disclosure of drug industry payments to physicians will lead to lower health costs. Throughout our long night of July … Continue reading

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