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Let’s Reverse the “Quicker and Sicker” Exit Strategy

Deborah Schuss’s op-ed in today’s Boston Globe illustrates the importance of putting the needs, concerns and capabilities of patients and family members at the center of care. Focusing on discharge procedures at hospitals, Schuss shares her belief that hospitals have … Continue reading

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Thank you to Paul Dreyer

Dr. Paul Dreyer, Director of the Division of Health Care Quality at the Department of Public Health, is retiring tomorrow after 33 years with DPH. Dr. Dreyer has served as the Director of the Health Care Quality Division since 1995. … Continue reading

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Legislature Moving Towards Partial Legal Immigrant Funding. What’s Next?

The State House was up late tonight, as the legislature worked on a supplemental funding bill that funds a number of items vetoed by the Governor, including adding partial funding for legal immigrants eligible for Commonwealth Care. The final bill … Continue reading

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This Time, Jeff Jacoby is Really Wrong

Today’s Globe includes an op-ed by columnist Jeff Jacoby, Healthcare: Do we need the Lexus? Jacoby argues that mandated health insurance benefits are the reason why health insurance is so expensive, and that states should let the free market determine … Continue reading

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Health Disparities Council Meets

Chaired by Representative Byron Rushing alongside EOHHS Secretary JudyAnn Bigby, the state’s Health Disparities Council launched in high spirits on Monday. The assembly focused on a review of the developing state disparities report card; a tool intended to shape program … Continue reading

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Academic Detailing: A necessary tool for payment reform

As the Legislature continues to look at budget overrides, we urge them to override the Governor’s veto of funding for the academic detailing, or evidence-based prescription drug outreach and education, program, line item 4510-0716. This program saves the state money … Continue reading

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Get on the phone

As conservatives step up the rhetoric around health reform, consumer focused organizations like Families USA are mobilizing their supporters and bolstering their advocacy – and they need your help! Most Americans support health reform, but opponents will do everything they … Continue reading

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Cardinal does not want to see the state make a “tragic mistake”

Boston’s top Catholic official asks lawmakers to keep ALL Massachusetts families healthy. Cardinal Sean O’Malley posted this blog about 28,000 legal immigrants who stand to lose their Commonwealth Care coverage. “The Governor and the Legislature in the commonwealth face excruciatingly … Continue reading

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Transportation Reform for the Public Health

While not traditionally discussed in health policy circles, transportation is a key determinant of health outcomes. Transportation policies affect more than the just the ways that people travel, but influence the distribution of goods and services, exposures to pollution, opportunities … Continue reading

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7/27 Health Disparities Council Meeting

The Health Disparities Council will hold its monthly meeting on Monday July 27th from 2pm-4pm ( 21st floor of One Ashburton Place). The meeting agenda is as follows: Approve last month’s minutes Updates: Framework Group Report Card Group Interpreter Services … Continue reading

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