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MEGA Good News in MEGA Case

AG Martha Coakley’s office and the Division of Insurance announced a mega settlement in the case brought against MEGA Life and Health Insurance, and their alter-egos, HealthMarkets, Inc., Mid-West National Life Insurance, the National Association for the Self Employed, Americans … Continue reading

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Legal Immigrant Coverage Plan Announced (UPDATE with more details)

Late this morning, Governor Patrick announced a plan to use the $40 million allocated by the Legislature to cover the 31,000 legal, taxpaying immigrants in Massachusetts (called “aliens with special status,” or AWSS, by the MassHealth system) who will be … Continue reading

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Honor Senator Kennedy with CLASS

One of the most important initiatives included in the Senate HELP Committee’s health reform bill is the “CLASS Act,” authored by Senator Kennedy. CLASS stands for Community Living Assistance Services and Supports, and the proposal is a long-term care insurance … Continue reading

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Dr. Stancel Riley new Director of Board of Registration in Medicine

We are very pleased to congratulate Dr. Riley on his appointment as the Executive Director of the Board of Registration in Medicine. As director of the board’s Patient Care Assessment division since 2006, Dr. Riley has worked to improve the … Continue reading

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10 Truths on Mass Healthcare Reform

In his August Executive Director’s Monthly Message, Kingsdale dispels the top ten myths about Massachusetts health reform. Click here to read his memo, which includes detailed citations and links for all the facts. In this climate of continued attacks on … Continue reading

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Radiation Danger from CT and PET Scans

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine has found a significant link between radiation exposure and imaging procedures such as CT and PET scans. The use of such technologies has grown from just 3 million in 1980 … Continue reading

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HCFA Mourns Senator Kennedy

Health Care For All is deeply saddened by the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy. Today, Massachusetts and the country lost its liberal lion in the Senate, the greatest legislator in our history and champion for the most vulnerable among us. … Continue reading

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St. Vincent Hospital Working to Cut Number of Sponges Left in Patients

According to the World Journal of Surgery, it is estimated that surgical sponges are left in a patient’s body in between 1 in 2,000 and 1 in 6,000 surgeries a year in the United States. A recent article in the … Continue reading

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We’re Number 1! And Number 41! Some Context on the “Highest Premiums” News

As the Globe reported in its lead story Saturday, a new report by the Commonwealth Fund found that Massachusetts has the highest health insurance premiums of any state. But the Globe article hinted at something else the study found. Health … Continue reading

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Weekend Light: The Fun Stuff

This is what makes it all worthwhile. Having to again wade through all the clips to select the best for the blog. The Betsy McCaughey interview is even important. Enjoy: Betsy McCaughey Part 1 Jon asks Betsy McCaughey to find … Continue reading

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