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Great Scott! Brown’s Misdiagnosis

Senate candidate (and current state senator) Scott Brown stuck his foot in the mandated benefits issue yesterday with legislation and a statement that shows his serious misunderstanding of the cause of high insurance premiums and how to cut health care … Continue reading

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And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

The season of giving is almost over and there are only a few days left to donate to HCFA in 2009. Please help us provide health care education, enrollment services and advocacy that the people of Massachusetts deserve. In order … Continue reading

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Our Fair Share, Too

It’s only fair. Under the original Senate health reform bill, states will get substantial federal assistance for increasing their Medicaid eligibility to 133% of the federal poverty level. Except for states that already cover people up to that level, like … Continue reading

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New Poetry Genre: “‘Twas the Night Before #hcr”

Health reform is stimulating all kinds of creativity, particularly in the “poetry” department. A few weeks ago, there was a twitter storm of health care reform haiku. Of course, twitter’s 140-character limit is ideal for haiku. You can read them … Continue reading

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COBRA Benefits Extended

Yesterday President Obama signed the Defense Appropriations bill, which included a provision extending federal COBRA subsidies. Here’s how Phyllis Borzi, Assistant Secretary of the Employee Benefits Security Administration describes the provision: The act extends the eligibility period for the ARRA … Continue reading

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Medical Security Program, Take 5

We have recently blogged about the Medical Security Program (MSP): a plea to find state funding to save the program and a discussion of streamlining possibilities to prevent gaps in coverage. We’re pleased to report that the program is funded … Continue reading

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Prison Is Not Treatment: Part 2

Back in August, we wrote a blog about young people with mental health needs ending up in prison for lack of community resources. While it doesn’t take much of an intellectual leap to imagine how inappropriate this setting would be … Continue reading

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