Caring. Health we can all afford.

Today, we announced the Massachusetts Campaign For Better Care (see the press release, including statements from the Governor, Senate President and House Speaker; initial endorsers (pdf); and click on the picture to see all our photos). So what is this campaign all about? It will bring the voice of patient to the payment reform discussion. The campaign promises to focus the debate on putting patients at the center of health system that rewards keeping us healthy. We envision a system that delivers the right care when we need it. We want to eliminate incentives that reward unnecessary tests and wasteful procedures. We want to make sure all patients, especially the most vulnerable among us, receive the care they need.

Health Care For All and the members of the Massachusetts Campaign for Better Care believe now is the time to work on controlling costs and improving quality of care for all patients in Massachusetts. We cannot maintain the status quo, because the status quo is not sustainable; health care costs will rise, patients will be priced out of the doctor’s office, and disruptions in care will leave illnesses untreated.

The Massachusetts Campaign for Better Care, is pushing for reforms in our payment and health care delivery system that will save money and improve quality. Reforms such as: better care coordination, patient-centered medical homes, and patient empowerment. We are organizing patients across the Commonwealth to join together with policy makers to make improvements that will save lives.

Massachusetts is a leader in health care and we will do better.

Please join us by becoming a member of this new campaign – the Massachusetts Campaign for Better Care
-Georgia J. Maheras

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