Don Berwick to Head CMS?

Dr. Don Berwick, the President and CEO of the Boston-based Institute for Healthcare Improvement, is rumored to have been chosen to head up the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Though the appointment has not been publicly announced, Politico reports that the journal Inside Health Policy quotes several sources who say it could be announced as soon as next week, writing that “Berwick agreed to take the job ‘some time ago’ but only on the condition that health reform pass first.”

Dr. Berwick is highly-respected for his work at IHI, one of the leading health care quality improvement organizations in the world, as well as his work as a professor at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health. National health reform includes many provisions relating to quality improvement and cost containment in the Medicare program, and there are few people more qualified to head up these efforts than Dr. Berwick, who also brings a personal and consumer-oriented perspective to his work and to IHI. HCFA has had the opportunity to work with IHI on many occasions and we eagerly anticipate an official announcement of Dr. Berwick’s appointment.
-Deborah Wachenheim

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5 Responses to Don Berwick to Head CMS?

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  4. sue houck says:

    Had the pleasure of speaking with him at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement conference several weeks ago. A great soul, wise, unassuming, funny, excellent communicator, experienced pediatrician, founder, and visionary leader of our most effective national improvement organization. For me, as a patient who’s experienced a life-threatening illness, healthcare provider, and writer about redesigning care delivery this is very hopeful and exciting.

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