One Step Forward for Student Health Insurance

After months of collaborative work between DHCFP, the Connector, and Higher Ed representatives, the results are in. Blue Cross Blue Shield won the bid to provide health insurance for approximately 11,000 Massachusetts state and community college students. According to Gov. Patrick’s press release, students will have access to a broader network and wellness management benefits starting next academic year.

“Our success in providing quality, affordable health insurance to our residents continues with our reform of health insurance for students in higher education. With this reorganization of benefits, students will be able to take advantage of important comprehensive care,” said Governor Patrick.

The Student Health Organizing Coalition (SHOC), a statewide, student-led organization, has been integral in giving student health insurance the attention it deserves. “… Student advocates played an essential role in making sure we revised student health plans,” said EOHHS Secretary JudyAnn Bigby, in the Governor’s press release.

More details on the plan to come. In the meantime, we laud the Administration for making student health insurance a priority, and look forward to working with them to make further improvements.
-Suzanne Curry

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One Response to One Step Forward for Student Health Insurance

  1. Interested in knowing says:

    Any more details on this? Is there a benefit chart and information as tho whether or not BCBS will be using their tiered network. Wondering if my students physicians and hosptial will be in the right tier?

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