“America’s Families Need Better Care”

The national Campaign for Better Care (www.campaignforbettercare.org) is launching today! This is the national affiliate campaign of our Massachusetts Campaign for Better Care. The national campaign is multi-faceted and is focused on ensuring that health reform works for those who need it most: vulnerable older patients with multiple health problems, and their family caregivers. This national campaign has two goals:

  • Achieve changes in the health care delivery system that result in more affordable, higher quality, better coordinated, and more comprehensive care that meets the needs and preferences of vulnerable older adults;
  • Build a lasting and powerful consumer voice that promotes better care for patients with multiple health problems and their families through effective advocacy at the community, state, and national levels.
    The National Campaign seeks to make our health care system center on patients and families. Medical records should be easily available. Patients should be empowered to speak up about health care policy and their own health care treatment. Systems should promote primary care and care coordination.

The Campaign is also launching a new website (www.CampaignforBetterCare.org) focused on payment and delivery system reform. The Campaign invites everyone to become involved in demanding better care for all of us- nationally and locally. To get involved locally, join HCFA’s Massachusetts Campaign for Better Care, at www.hcfama.org/bettercare.
-Georgia Maheras

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2 Responses to “America’s Families Need Better Care”

  1. Family Medicine Lansdale says:

    What a wonderful blog! There are many American families that do not take care of themselves. It should be regular routine to go to family doctors and get regular checkups;I’m glad to see that there are health care reforms being launched to ensure that all Americans can go to a family doctor without worrying if they can afford it.

  2. Vimmi says:

    I got the details from this very blog. It is very true that better care must be delivered to every individual.

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