Oral Health Drop-a-Day: The Blender

HCFA’s oral health team intensified their efforts to keep MassHealth adult dental benefits in the FY 2011 budget by kicking off a “drop a day” campaign at the StateHouse.

Today’s featured drop: THE BLENDER

blenderMassachusetts residents shouldn’t need a blender to eat because they don’t have dental coverage.

MassHealth adult dental provides critical oral health care to approximately 700,000 Massachusetts residents, including more than 120,000 low-income seniors and 180,000 disabled individuals.

Lack of access to affordable oral health care leads to pain and suffering, and prevents people from performing everyday tasks like sleeping, working, and eating.

Protect MassHealth adult dental benefits in the FY2011 budget.

For more information, contact Courtney Chelo at cchelo@hcfama.org or 617-275-2935.

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One Response to Oral Health Drop-a-Day: The Blender

  1. They should be given more dental coverage because they deserved it.

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