Oral Health IS Overall Health – Help Keep Critical Services

Access to oral health care is a critical part of promoting overall health. The best way to promote access and delivery of these crucial services is by having a strong network of multiple providers.  In recognition of this, the Massachusetts Dental Society has worked hard to expand their reach into the community by significantly increasing the number of private providers accepting MassHealth.  Eliminating care by private dentists erodes this carefully balanced system of care and places the sole responsibility on the Safety Net.
The proposed elimination of MassHealth adult dental benefits will devastate the infrastructure that one-tenth of the Massachusetts population depends on to get oral health care. The last time a cut was made more than 15% of private dentists dropped out of the program, many of whom never re-enrolled,  despite the reinstatement of the program.

In addition, by fracturing the system, it becomes increasingly difficult for MassHealth recipients to access essential oral health services.  Many areas already considered Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) – areas designated by HRSA as having shortages of health providers – will face an even greater provider shortage if these cuts go through.

The following Senators represent districts with HPSAs, pending HPSAs, HPSAs in development, or correctional facilities with HPSAs- lets make sure they understand how this impacts the health of their community!
• Benjamin B. Downing
• Gale D. Candaras
• Harriette L. Chandler
• Jennifer L. Flanagan
• Joan M. Menard
• Mark C. Montigny
• Michael O. Moore
• Michael R. Knapik
• Robert O’Leary
• Stanley C. Rosenberg
• Stephen J. Buoniconti
• Therese Murray
• Thomas P. Kennedy
• Benjamin B. Downing
• Brian A. Joyce
• James E. Timilty
• Joan M. Menard
• Marc R. Pacheco
• Mark C. Montigny
• Michael W. Morrissey
• Robert L. Hedlund
• Therese Murray
• Thomas P. Kennedy
• James B. Eldridge
• James E. Timilty
• Jennifer L. Flanagan
• Karen E Spilka

If any of these senators represent your district, please call 617-722-2000 and ask to speak to your State Senator or visit www.wheredoivotema.com to find your Senator’s direct number. Tell them that oral health IS overall health and that they need to protect adult dental benefits in MassHealth so that people have access to these important services.

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  1. It is really true. Since the mouth is the one of the entrance of our body, it should always be healthy. Because if it is unhealthy, our whole body will also be unhealthy. The bacteria and viruses in the mouth will pass through inside our body causing any other disease. So always make sure you have a healthy mouth for you to have a healthy body.

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