Where DHCFP is Going

Division of Health Care Finance and Policy Commissioner David Morales posted a must-read blog entry today, Transforming the Health Care Delivery System: Promoting Transparency, Integration, and Wellness.

In the post, Commissioner Morales lays out the key goals of the agency, and some key issues he is focusing on: “I want to focus a substantial portion of the agency’s analytic capacity as a think tank on three key areas … (1) Transparency, (2) Integration, and (3) Wellness.

We agree that these goals should be the touchstone for the next steps for health reform in Massachusetts. Our Campaign For Better Care is the consumer voice on these concerns.

After going though these areas, Morales issues a call for us, the public and the health care community to engage:

Going forward, we intend to partner with key stakeholders in order to design meaningful analyses and provide objective data to the full spectrum of audiences – government, private employers, health care and social service providers, health insurers, and the public. We want to support the development of an integrated health care delivery system that is sustainable, transparent, and accessible to all.

But in order to be successful, we need you to be involved and understand these issues, especially who pays what for different types of medical services. Your voice is critical in ensuring that these important issues stay in the forefront of the minds of policy makers and industry leaders alike.

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