Quality Bill Moving – Now in House Ways and Means – Let’s Get It Done

HCFA and the Consumer Health Quality Council have been advocating throughout this legislative session for three bills that aim to improve health care quality and patient safety.

The three bills focus on

  1. MRSA screening and precautions,
  2. the use of checklists of care during surgery and other procedures, and
  3. studying and issuing recommendations for how to reduce medication errors.

The three bills were reported out of the Committee on Public Health as one merged patient safety bill (House 4720) along with a few other bills. H. 4720 was sent to the Committee on Health Care Financing which made some changes before reporting the bill out as House Bill 4862, “An Act Relative to Reducing Medical Errors and Improving Patient Safety.”

With just two weeks left in the formal session, it is important that the bill continue to move. HCFA and the Consumer Council today sent a letter to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Murphy asking that he report the bill out so the full House can vote on it. The letter includes some suggestions for ways to strengthen the bill.

We’ve posted summaries, fact sheets and supporting information about the three provisions. Please contact your State Representative asking him/her to support House 4862. Find contact information for your Representative on the Secretary of State’s website. Please contact Deb Wachenheim (dwachenheim@hcfama.org) with any questions.

Do your part to help advance patient safety in Massachusetts-call your Representative today!
-Deborah Wachenheim

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One Response to Quality Bill Moving – Now in House Ways and Means – Let’s Get It Done

  1. This is incredibly important legislation that will go a long way toward saving lives and billions of dollars in health care costs associated with taking care of those injured though medical errors each year. I applaud the work of HCFA which is an major advocate in this area.

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