New! Improved! CommonHealth Blog Extreme Makeover

Check out the new and improved CommonHealth blog, from WBUR.

In the early days of health reform, CommonHealth was an important forum for serious and off-the-wall debates about the issues facing state health policy. Reporter Martha Bebinger opened it up to a multiplicity of voices who used the site to advocate for their points of view. The comments got unwieldy at times, but it reflected the true excitement of creating a new health coverage paradigm in a single state.

CommonHealth 2.0 is curated by Rachel Zimmerman (who took over while Martha was a Nieman Fellow), and Carey Goldberg, former Boston bureau chief of The New York Times. They plan to reduce the number of guest posts from health industry folks, and dramatically increase reporting and interviews. A key focus will be health cost control, though other health and medical topics will be covered, too. The blog remake is part of a broader public broadcasting effort to fund a number of stations as definitive sources of news on a topic.

The blog is still in a soft launch phase, but with 5 posts today and yesterday, a new tagging/search system, a twitterstream, and an inviting design, it looks ready for prime time. All it needs is lots of comments. One other request – bring back the the archives. I don’t want to lose forever the entertaining 2007 rants against health reform.
-Brian Rosman

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