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Per ACA, NAIC OKs MLR. Next, MA?

Apparently, it’s in the blogger code to preface all discussion on the formerly-arcane issue of health insurers’ “medical loss ratio” (MLR) with a comment on the term. It does always strike me as odd that, from an insurer’s accounting point … Continue reading

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New! Improved! CommonHealth Blog Extreme Makeover

Check out the new and improved CommonHealth blog, from WBUR. In the early days of health reform, CommonHealth was an important forum for serious and off-the-wall debates about the issues facing state health policy. Reporter Martha Bebinger opened it up … Continue reading

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Public Reporting of Mortality Measures – Not Dead Yet?

As we reported last week, the Quality and Cost Council accepted the recommendation of an expert panel that there should not be public reporting of a hospital-wide mortality measure for now. The presentation that was given to the Council from … Continue reading

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“My care isn’t just being popped full of pills. It’s making sure that all my care is met. And the biggest one is dental care.”

The room at a recent MassHealth regulations hearing was packed, as some 100 people came out to show their support of oral health. Among these participants, 17 chose to stand up and explain why access to dental care through MassHealth … Continue reading

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Health Care Quality Improvement Job Opportunity

A consortium of Massachusetts organizations, led by the MA Department of Public Health and including HCFA, received a federal grant earlier this year to work on improving quality of care and, in turn, reducing medical liability in the outpatient primary … Continue reading

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QCC Report: Organizational Changes and Mortality Reporting

The Quality and Cost Council met yesterday. The meeting included an overview of the new and improved “My Health Care Options” website. Among other updates and changes, the site now includes quality data on medical groups in Massachusetts. This data … Continue reading

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The People behind the Dental Cuts – Michael & Julie

We frequently say on this blog that oral health is related to overall health- oral health problems can lead to other severe health conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, stroke, diabetes, and premature birth. Poor oral health can also … Continue reading

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