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Globe Calls Attention to the Importance of Water Fluoridation

“Massachusetts, the birthplace of public health, has long led the nation in disease-fighting crusades, vaccinating children at high rates and crafting antismoking campaigns exported around the world. But it ranks 36th when it comes to providing residents with fluoridated water,” … Continue reading

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October 1: Landmark Date for Bringing Patient and Family Voices to Health Care

Tomorrow is the state-mandated deadline for all hospitals in Massachusetts to have Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) up and running. Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to have such a requirement. A little bit of a recap … Continue reading

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Boy Are We Ever Number 1 Redux

Today the Census Bureau came out with its annual American Community Survey, which provides much more detailed information on income levels, poverty, health insurance and many other demographic statistics for 2009. Like the earlier Current Population Survey, a more rough … Continue reading

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Getting to Better Care: A new biweekly feature

Every other week or so, we will bring you what think is the latest and greatest in payment reform. Some will be local, some will be not-so-local, but all will be important and fresh. So here is the first installment: … Continue reading

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Checklists and More to Improve Elder Care

Today’s Globe features an interview with Dr. Melissa Mattison at BIDMC. She oversees the Global Risk Assessment and Care Plan for Elders (GRACE program) and has seen results based on the program’s work to make sure care for elders is … Continue reading

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Implementation Of National Reform In Massachusetts – What’s Happening?

All hands are on deck at several state agencies to implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA). EOHHS held their first stakeholder meeting on Tuesday, during which heads of agencies outlined the major policy decisions ahead (see the presentation). The high … Continue reading

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Michigan Moving in the Right Direction To Restore Medicaid Oral Health Benefits

Recent news from Michigan indicates that Medicaid dental benefits for adults may soon be restored. Like Massachusetts, Michigan cut their dental program to balance the budget. A House-Senate conference committee reinstated the dental program this week. There are still several … Continue reading

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