“Are Your Teeth Killing You?” — Dentist Spotlights Diseases You Had No Idea Were Connected to Your Teeth

Book Cover - "Are Your Teeth Killing You?"Most people are unaware that the condition of their teeth can affect the health of their entire bodies. Dentist Charles Martin has published a book focusing on his research which shows that oral health is related to a huge range of health issues:

“My theory, based on years of study and direct observation of my dental patients, is that proper dental care can help patients cut their risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, cancer or having low birth-weight babies. It can also have a positive effect on patients with ulcers, sleep apnea and obesity,” Dr. Martin explained. “Many of the diseases linked to periodontitis are also diseases that require behavioral changes if people want to live the healthiest, most enjoyable lives possible. To make those changes, they must understand the risks they face by not taking action. Gum disease, tooth decay, bleeding gums and poor dental health aren’t just about the mouth anymore. These affect your whole body, your energy levels, how good you feel and how long you live.”

More details can be found in the full article. To learn more about how you can speak up for oral health, please visit www.hcfama.org/oralhealth.
-Christine Keeves

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3 Responses to “Are Your Teeth Killing You?” — Dentist Spotlights Diseases You Had No Idea Were Connected to Your Teeth

  1. As I aged,Taking care of my teeth has been an obsession to me but seen a have a poor oral hygiene when i was a child..I found it difficult for me to have healthy teeth.And a dentist is my only chance.

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  3. All The more reasons to Care for your teeth. How ever its not always necessary to go to a dentist I have not been in 25 years and My teeth are still as white and nice as they were when I was last to see a dentist when I was 12

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