43.5 Million Congratulations, Community Health Centers

Following through on its commitment to improve public health and bolster community health care facilities, last Friday the Obama Administration approved $43.5 million in federal grant funding to improve and expand eight community health centers throughout the Commonwealth.

Massachusetts received the third largest allocation of funds out of 39 state recipients.

The funds are part of a $727 million federal grant program, approved under the Affordable Care Act, which aims to build and renovate existing community health centers across the nation. Over 5 years, the Affordable Care Act provides $11 billion in funding for the operation, expansion and construction of community health centers across the country.

HCFA applauds the Obama Administration, HHS Secretary Sebelius, members of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation, Senator Kerry, and the late Senator Kennedy for their efforts to make this funding possible and for pledging not only to support health care reform but investments to reduce disparities and improve access as we expand insurance coverage.

Funds will be going to the following community health centers:
* Brockton Neighborhood Health Center – $11,355,854
* Codman Square Health Center – $7,950,000
* Community Health Center of Cape Cod – $6,000,000
* Duffy Health Center – $461,991
* Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center (formerly Great Brook Valley Health Center) – $6,400,000
* Lynn Community Health Center – $6,936,311
* North Shore Community Health – $750,000
* Outer Cape Health Services – $3,619,311

Congratulations to the Mass League of Community Health Centers and the individual centers. Keep up the great work!
-Victoria Bonney

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