QCC Annual Meeting

The Health Care Quality and Cost Council held its annual meeting this past Wednesday.

The keynote speaker for the day was David Cutler, economics professor at Harvard and health care adviser to President Obama during his campaign (see his presentation slides (ppt)). Professor Cutler spoke about three sources of likely savings with payment and delivery system reform:

  • better managing acute and post-acute care,
  • better managing chronic disease care to prevent the need for acute care, and
  • administrative simplification.

He then talked about transformation that needs to take place, with a focus on providers: starting with bundling payments for acute and post-acute care and using Pay for Performance to incentivize good care management, then moving to chronic care bundling and then patient capitation, while also looking to simplify the administrative side. He outlined a 6-7 year transformation with eventually all providers in one or more ACOs.

Dr. Cutler touched very briefly on the involvement of consumers early in his presentation but then focused on providers. A number of members of a “reactor panel,” including Health Care For All, talked about consumers and the need to improve care management and empower consumers while also keeping in mind that there is much diversity among consumers in terms of health care needs, language, culture, etc. Also, any transformations in systems and payments need to be completely transparent to consumers and statewide and ACO-specific governing bodies need to include consumers.

The second half of the meeting focused on discussing the work of the QCC and its goals. Next week’s monthly QCC meeting (Wednesday, November 17, 1-3pm, 1 Ashburton Place, 21st floor) will include further discussion. Discussion at the annual meeting focused on moving forward on disparities reduction, how to bring more consumers to the My Health Care Options website with quality and cost data, how to use data that will be gathered through the All-Payer Claims Database, and what areas of work should the QCC expand and take on. We look forward to seeing some decisions made in these areas at next week’s meeting and beyond.
-Deb Wachenheim

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4 Responses to QCC Annual Meeting

  1. ? says:

    Yes, sand.

    Won’t it slow the gears (reform) down, then wear them out, requiring a complete replacement?

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  3. HUH sand ?

    Health care for all it works in Canada just keep the waste down ! we apparently cant figure out how to.

    healthcare for all and education go hand in hand dont just give free access with out educating or your costs will sky rocket

  4. ? says:

    Dr. Cutler,
    Won’t quantitative easing be like sand in the gears of reform?

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