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Yesterday’s duo of QCC meetings included the long anticipated conclusion of the QCC Status Committee on Payment Reform. In case you missed it, the QCC created this subcommittee to do something about payment reform legislation. Through a series of meetings this subcommittee’s members have staked out bright lines about what is (and isn’t) important to their constituency. The Secretary began this meeting by emphasizing that the work and discussions of the subcommittee had been expressed to the Governor as he developed his proposals for payment reform.

The familiar arguments were briefly reiterated at today’s meeting as the group agreed to a one page set of goals. In quiet tones, the committee members expressed appreciation for the work-product as well as delivering one final push for key issues. This list of goals reflects consensus from the group on a substantial number of issues- no easy feat as was recognized in the meeting. It was also acknowledged that we could not reach consensus on many issues such as: is this a voluntary transition and if so, how voluntary; what is the role of government rate regulation; and how can we deal with payment disparities. These goals reflects a sense of shared responsibility for working towards these goals. And while more work needs to be done in payment reform by policymakers, it is clear that the work of this committee is concluded and the hopes, concerns and goals will need to be carried forth into a new table set by the Governor at tomorrow’s Chamber of Commerce Breakfast.

The second QCC meeting was of the full committee and the abbreviated agenda included discussions of ambulatory care measurements, an update on the annual report, and an update on the payment reform subcommittee meeting of that same day.

The QCC will be participating in the Aligning Forces for Quality grant with MHQP and the Brookings Institute for the ambulatory care measurement work. They are starting off by working on the diabetes measure with the potential to add other measures in the future. There will be more on this in the future. The QCC’s annual report is in its final draft stage and will soon be released to the public.

The bulk of the second meeting was spent discussing the payment reform subcommittee’s process and goals. It was recognized that the goals need a little more tweaking based on conversation in the earlier meeting. The larger QCC (half of whom had been in the earlier meeting) absorbed the overview with little comment except for the Inspector General recommending they not adopt the goals because they are not specific enough. There was much discussion about how they should adopt these goals. To broach a slight concern about the amendments, the process will be for Jessica Moschello to distribute the amended document to the entire QCC and then they will determine how to vote and adopt these goals at the next meeting.

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