Dispatch from Our Community Organizers

Last week, our community organizers –Celia and Ari- continued to travel the state and talk with consumers about how health care reform is working for them. The highlight of the week for Celia and Ari (besides HCFA’s “For The People” Event, of course) was a meeting with members of the Lynn Health Task Force. The task force has been inactive for quite some time so HCFA is trying to reinvigorate the task force by working to address their health concerns, ranging from obesity prevention to substance abuse issues. Communities like Lynn also are beginning to grapple with what payment reform might mean for their local health center. Celia and Ari plan to spend a lot of time in Lynn over the next few months engaging consumers about health care cost containment proposals that also improve the quality of care delivered.

Where in MA are our community organizers?

Where in MA are our community organizers?

Also last week, Celia and HCFA policy intern, Courtney Mulroy, ventured out to the Pioneer Valley to meet with teachers and facility of the UMASS School of Public Health (SPH) to learn about the concerns they are hearing from the community about health care costs, and to invite folks from the area to join our Campaign for Better Care. Meanwhile, Ari traveled down to Norwood to address a group of administrators, faculty and staff from various universities and colleges in Massachusetts about how to engage in healthcare community organizing using online tools. He also met with individuals from UMass Medical School to learn more about good online sources of health information.

Stay tuned for more! As always, if you’re interested in getting involved, shoot us an email: Afertig@hcfama.org or csegel@hcfama.org.

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