Let Romney be Romney

We should probably write something witty or catty about former Governor Romney’s talk on health reform. But instead, we want to point to something serious and thoughtful and analytic.

The New Republic’s blogger Jonathan Cohn was at the speech, and his summary and analysis, here, seems just about right. So click and read.

Update: national bloggers are highlighting this as “Patrick: Romney convinced me on individual mandate:”

PATRICK: Well, I’m not sure I did, because I started out skeptical of mandates as well, Chuck. You know, going back now six or seven years when we were still debating our health care reform here and when I was a candidate. That issue was being debated here it seemed — I was uncomfortable with it. I came to understand, listening to Governor Romney and the other business people and others who were involved with it that this is really a kind of classic insurance theory which is you spread the risk as widely as possible and keep costs down for everybody.

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