April DOR “Blue Book” Shows Restaurant Industry Cooks the Numbers – Again

Today the Department of Revenue released their April “Blue Book” – the monthly revenue figures for each of the state tax sources.

We eagerly looked at the meals tax numbers. And once again, the numbers disproved the completely false claims that the Massachusetts restaurant industry is somehow being hurt by the state’s restrictions on drug company marketing.

The meals tax receipts show April 2011 restaurant sales beat the April 2010 figure, by over 3%. So now we know that the first four months of 2011 exceeded the same period in 2010, by over 3.2%. So far, 2011 is shaping up to be the best year ever in the history of the Massachusetts restaurant industry.

The state’s ban on the drug and device industry paying for fancy meals (which we pay for) aimed at persuading doctors to prescribe high-priced, high-profit drugs simply has not hurt the restaurant industry. Which makes us wonder who’s behind the noisy restaurant industry push to repeal the law….. restaurants, or the big pharma machine?

What do you think?
-Brian Rosman

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2 Responses to April DOR “Blue Book” Shows Restaurant Industry Cooks the Numbers – Again

  1. ? says:

    The “who” behind it doesn’t matter.
    It’s all about the “what”.
    The what is mammon.

    • Beth says:

      What do you have against restaurants and the people employed by them? The price of medicines does not go down- with or without the dinners. Let’s stimulate commerce and help increase employment.

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