Dispatches from our Community Organizers: Memorial Day Edition

Where in the state were our community organizers?

Word is getting out!

Health care is complex. But not too complex for advocacy groups throughout the state who are putting on their thinking caps about how to improve care, while reducing health care spending and waste.

This week, Ari and I traversed the state meeting with concerned health care consumers in Springfield, Gloucester, Lynn, Martha’s Vineyard, and Winthrop. In Springfield, 40 Medicare leaders signed on to stay informed about the Campaign for Better Care. In Martha’s Vineyard, Ari had a great discussion with 25 members of the Dukes County Health Council about community benefits and ACOs. In Gloucester, 5 clergy are grappling with what they could do in their communities about high health care costs. And 20 concerned Democrats of Winthrop are now hitting the streets, canvassing businesses, and spreading the word that 400,000 Bay Staters, who were unable to afford health care insurance five years ago, now get the care they need.

So, as pools open up across the Commonwealth, grills get cleaned, and fridges get stocked, nearly 100 consumers are newly fortified to talk health care and cost control by the grill:
What can you do? Host a training. Learn how to talk the talk. Contact Paul Williams (pwilliams@hcfama.org), Celia Segel (csegel@hcfama.org) and Ari Fertig (afertig@hcfama.org).
-Celia Segel

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