Let’s See How Far We’ve Come: The Results of Our Statewide Kids Enrollment Challenge to be Announced Next Week

Last month, Health Care For All issued a challenge to 66 organizations across Massachusetts to help enroll 500 uninsured children in health coverage during the month of May.  You may have read about our Challenge in the Boston Globe or heard about it on WBUR.  On Tuesday, June 14, we will be announcing the results of our month-long challenge (hint:  it will be a celebration) at an event at the State House with Federal and State leaders.   We will also be kicking-off phase II of the challenge:  helping kids retain their health care coverage.


Participating enrollment groups found that the reason many parents do not insure their children is because the rules are often confusing and they are not sure how or when to reenroll their kids in health care coverage each year.   That’s why we are asking the 66 organizations, which successfully reduced the number of uninsured kids this month, to continue to do their amazing work and help keep those kids connected to care by advising parents about the best ways to stay enrolled. During the month of July, Health Care For All will provide the 66 organizations with educational outreach materials, including bookmarks and magnets, which detail the steps consumers must take in order to maintain health coverage. These materials feature actionable reminders, such as informing MassHealth about changes in employment status or address, and when their family’s health insurance renewal is due.

Please join us Next Tuesday, June 14th, from 12:30-2:30 PM at the Grand Staircase at the State House to learn the results of our Challenge and to celebrate the incredible work of the 66 organizations that have made a difference in the lives of so many children throughout the Commonwealth.   To RSVP please e-mail Dayanne Leal at leal@hcfama.org

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