Give health care cost increases a time-out!

Remember our challenge issued in April (see video above)? The time has come.  On June 30th, from 12-1pm in front of the Statehouse, consumers from Health Care for All and the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) are teaming up to tell insurers and providers that we are not willing to pay for the rising costs of health care any longer! For too long, consumers have been told how much they will pay in their skyrocketing premiums.  Now, we are taking a stand.

We will announce our challenge next week at a rally in front of the Statehouse. This is a call to action to bring everyone to the table-insurers, providers, city and state governments, and consumers-to find meaningful ways to improve the health care system to preserve access and improve quality care, while also reducing costs.

But in order to be heard loud and clear, we need your help!  This is a bold move. We are telling the industry that we will not accept outrageous premium hikes this year. So when we issue this challenge, we need to demonstrate support. Please let Celia Segel or Ari Fertig know if you’re able to join us – and who you can bring along!

Who: You and anybody you can bring along who wouldn’t mind wearing a HCFA t-shirt
What: Rally to Give Health Care Cost Increases a Time Out!
Where: In front of the Statehouse
• When: NEXT THURSDAY, June 30th – 12-1pm
Why: Because it’s our money and we can’t wait.

Please RSVP to or

This is our time to show that as consumers, we care about quality, affordable health care. Join us next week and make your voice heard!

-Celia and Ari
Health Campaign Organizers

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