Consumers On-Board for Premium Freeze

As children, we may have been given a ‘time-out’ when our behavior spiraled out of control. Time-outs allowed us to stop our erratic behavior, and have a moment to regroup and learn from our mistakes. On June 30th, Health Care For All and the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization requested a similar action from the health industry, as premium increases have reached double digits, making it difficult for small businesses and families to keep up. You may have heard about this rally on Channel 22 in the Boston Globe, or on WBUR.

If you weren’t able to attend, here is a video of our rally with GBIO:

Health Care For All and GBIO rallied consumers to deliver their message loud and clear: “FREEZE PREMIUMS NOW.” It wasn’t hard to find consumers who shared our commitment to quality, affordable health care. Not only was the attendance at the event impressive (over 130 people came to our rally!) but the energy radiating from the crowd was impossible to miss. Cars driving by honked their horns in accord with consumer chants, showing support for lowering health care costs. If it wasn’t clear before, it’s clear now that consumers are not willing to put up with rising health care costs any longer.

By freezing premiums for the next year, all stakeholders will have time to regroup and modify their behavior and spending to produce long-term change. We realize that this is a challenge that can only be accomplished if consumers, employers, government, insurers, and providers work together to develop a solution to contain health costs in the long run. It’s about shared responsibility. To learn more about this effort, and how you can do your part to help lower health care costs, please visit:

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One Response to Consumers On-Board for Premium Freeze

  1. ? says:

    Could you answer the question about whether the Sebelius waived AARP Medigap policies should be included in the time-out? Or, is it time to have a time-out rally against Health and Human Services, AARP, and HCFA?

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