Weekend Updates: Medicaid Rally, Immigrant Court Case, McDonough Book

1. Rally Calls on Senator Brown to Support Medicaid: Last week HCFA joined with 1199SEIU, the Boston Center For Independent Living and other groups to firmly call on Senator Brown to protect Medicaid in the debt ceiling and budget fights. The
Globe had reported last week on Brown’s lack of conviction on the issue: “Senator Scott Brown, the only Republican in the Massachusetts delegation, hasn’t yet taken a firm position. ‘Senator Brown is reviewing the various proposals that are out there,’ said spokeswoman Marcie Kinzel.” The rally featured a number of Medicaid members testifying on the critical role Medicaid plays in their health and well-being. Click on the picture above to see a video from the rally, courtesy of the State House News Service.

2. Immigrant Case Decision Delayed, Again: Late Friday, Supreme Judicial Court Justice Cordy, who is hearing the Finch case regarding coverage for legal immigrants (background, from Health Law Advocates), decided to send the case over to the full SJC. This will probably require another round of briefs and arguments, delaying a final decision until the fall at the earliest. While the full Court ruled in May that the statute removing full Commonwealth Care benefits from some legal immigrants was almost certainly unconstitutional, the state has been filing additional motions to postpone a final decision in the case.

3. National Health Reform: The Book: Our former executive director John McDonough’s book on the making and content of the Affordable Care Act is just out, from the University of California Press. At the Amazon link there’s already a glowing, 5-start review. We recommend the book too, and hope you will buy via igive.com, which gives a few cents from each purchase to HCFA (if you designate us as your cause). John also has a monthly column at Kaiser Health News. This month’s entry is about protecting Medicaid, which closes the circle and brings us back to the first update.
-Brian Rosman

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2 Responses to Weekend Updates: Medicaid Rally, Immigrant Court Case, McDonough Book

  1. Dorrie says:

    you know what is sad, with these politicians it seems to me they will say anything to be elected but do you honestly sit back Mr Scott Brown and realize what is really going on with MassHealth,Medicade cuts do you even care?? My husband is on Disability with no Insurance i need dental work but Mass Health cut off the important procedures that need to be done. Did you know oral health is also very important to your health not getting dental care because of you could lead to serious health problems so i guess its more important to see us spend time in the hospital because of not getting the right dental care or even maybe death look up dental care and the importance of having it, I’m sure you or your family have no issues concerning your teeth or mouth it just seems you know how to run it with the promises you cant keep. I’m a proud to be an American born and raised for once id like to be able to call you or anyone else who runs to be elected the same we count on you to speak and do for us why don’t you try a little harder and please don’t run!

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