State Convenes ACA Implementation Advisory Council

Former DHCFP Commissioner David Morales once used an an analogy to make the point that Massachusetts’ implementation of the ACA is easier than in other states. We just have to do a renovation, while other states have to do new construction.

But it’s not clear to me which is more difficult. Massachusetts has major, complex issues to figure out. A key goal is to not lose the gains we have made through Chapter 58.

Affordable Care Act stakeholders in Massachusetts have a seat at the state implementation planning and design table. Last Friday afternoon was the first meeting of the Subsidized Health Insurance Work Group Advisory Council. Attendees included advocates, providers, organized labor, members of the Health Connector Board, representatives from the MassHealth Policy Advisory team, and community outreach grantees.

The objective of the Council is to give state policymakers input and insights regarding the subsidized coverage options under consideration (see materials (pdf) overview presentation; and timeline) Council meetings will allow EOHHS and Connector staff to share their progress and work with us throughout the process of planning around four key issues affecting low-income people: Medicaid expansion, Basic Health Plan option, tax credits, and Essential Health Benefits.

We thank Secretary Bigby, Secretary Gonzalez, and Connector ED Glen Shor for requesting that their teams convene the Advisory Council and for the hard work and dedication of the Council’s leaders.
-Kate Bicego

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