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New Required Reading: MassHealth Facts, Trends and National Context

This morning, the Massachusetts Medicaid Policy Institute (MMPI) released an updated version of its essential guide, MassHealth: The Basics (pdf), prepared by the UMass Medical Center for Health Law and Economics.  In addition to an overview of MassHealth program and … Continue reading

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Drug coupons – a pharma company’s best friend

Earlier this week, Health Care For All testified before the Joint Committee on Financial Services in opposition to a bill that would allow the pharmaceutical industry to market “coupons” for brand name drugs.  This bill is one among many before … Continue reading

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National Health Reform Is Good For Massachusetts: New Public Health Grants (but more is needed!)

The administration announced that Massachusetts will be receiving $3 million in federal Community Transformation Grants, to expand community-based programs aimed at improving wellness and reducing health care costs. The funds were authorized under the ACA. Another example of how the … Continue reading

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The Final Word (yeah, right) on Romney and Health Coverage for Undocumented Immigrants

The truth-telling actually talked to Massachusetts health policy people, and comes up with the definitive last word on the charge that in signing chapter 58, Governor Romney initiated a program that provides “free health care to illegals.” The verdict: … Continue reading

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And now, a time out from the circus:

While the Obamacare/Romneycare circus continues to spin out of control, how about a reasoned, knowledgeable discussion of the contrasts and similarities by two people who know what they are talking about? The video above comes from MassINC and their CommonWealth … Continue reading

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More Circus Antics Around Romney and Massachusetts Health Care (video update at bottom)

With former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney seeking the Republican Presidential nomination, his record is under the microscope by his opponents and the press. Unfortunately, most of the muck being heaped on our universal health care law is misguided or incomplete, … Continue reading

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Taking the Public’s Pulse on Health Care Affordability

Today The Blue Cross Foundation hosted a breakfast where the results of a poll entitled “Public Perceptions of Health Care Costs in Massachusetts” were presented to a packed room of interested health policy people by Robert Blendon of the Harvard … Continue reading

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DentaQuest Puts Money Where Our Mouths Are

Ya know when you’re doing the Hokey Pokey and ya get to the end when you put your whole body in? You don’t just leave your lips, teeth, tongue and gums outside the Hokey Pokey circle, do you? No. Because … Continue reading

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Watch Historic Oral Arguments for Immigrant Health Care Coverage

The highest court in Massachusetts – the Supreme Judicial Court – heard oral arguments two weeks ago for Health Law Advocates’ class action lawsuit, Finch et al v. Connector Authority, on behalf of more than 40,000 legal immigrants barred from … Continue reading

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Update: Federal Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) for Mass. Residents

In a recent blog post we suggested that the Federal Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) was a health insurance option for Mass. residents currently locked out of the private health insurance market. We have received additional information from our partners … Continue reading

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