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And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

The season of giving is almost over and there are only a few days left to donate to HCFA in 2011. Please help us provide health care education, enrollment services and advocacy that the people of Massachusetts deserve. In order … Continue reading

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MassHealth Dental Benefits Bill Advances; WS Journal Explains Why

Last week the legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health gave its approval to S. 1079, legislation filed by Senator Harriette Chandler to restore full dental benefits to adults on MassHealth. Some 700,000 adults, including low income seniors, disabled adults, and … Continue reading

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Some More Holiday Reading (non-comic book edition)

For the quiet week coming up, the Blue Cross Foundation and Mass Medicaid Policy Institute released some good wonkness to read and learn from. We’re so fortunate as a policy community to have these institutions supplying high-quality materials to further … Continue reading

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A Holiday Gift for Pharma?

As the halls of the Massachusetts State House are emptying out for the holidays, the pharmaceutical industry is working hard to push through special interest legislation when they think no one is paying attention.  On Tuesday of this week, the … Continue reading

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Gruber’s Health Care Reform Comic Book (no, Graphic Novel): A Review

[Note: HCFA Policy Coordinator Paul Williams is our resident comic book guy, and he penned this review of Connector Board member Jon Gruber’s new comic book, Health Care Reform.] Peanut butter and chocolate, macaroni and cheese, Batman and Robin, all … Continue reading

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To BHP or not to BHP? That is the Question.

Today, Secretary Bigby convened the fifth in a series of stakeholder meetings to discuss Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation in Massachusetts (see slides from today’s meeting). One of the big ACA decisions facing state policymakers is what subsidized insurance coverage … Continue reading

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Rx Fraud Case Reaps Big Rewards for Massachusetts

(Guest post by Wells Wilkinson, Director, Prescription Access Litigation, and Marcia Hams, Director of Prescription Access and Quality, Community Catalyst. Follow their work to make prescription drug prices more affordable on the Postscript Blog.) Yesterday, the Massachusetts Attorney-General’s office announced … Continue reading

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