Connector Begins Re-Integrating Legal Immigrants Into Commonwealth Care

Notice from Connector To Legal Immigrants Now Eligibile for Commonwealth Care

After a victory in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that requires the Commonwealth to restore full Commonwealth Care coverage for eligible legal immigrants, the Connector is began today the process of reintegrating this population into Commonwealth Care. Today, the Connector sent letters to the 13,400 legal immigrants currently enrolled in Commonwealth Care Bridge. This group, who were members of CommCare at the time eligibility ended in fall 2009, will be enrolled in full Commonwealth Care coverage effective March 1. They will have an eleven day period between February 13-24 to choose a plan if they do not want to remain in the CeltiCare Health Plan, which currently provides their Bridge program coverage. Recipients must call the Connector or mail back a response with their selected plan during this time, as web-based services will not be available. If a selection is not made, these members will default to the CeltiCare plan.

The Connector will send out additional letters in batches beginning on March 26 to the 24,000 legal immigrants currently enrolled in the Health Safety Net program. These individuals must select a health plan within ninety days upon receipt of their letter, as they will not be automatically enrolled into a Commonwealth Care plan.

There are several moving parts here, and for more information, we’ve posted the full details on the reinstatement plan.

In addition, the Connector will hold their annual open enrollment period from June 1-22, during which all members have the opportunity to switch to any plan in their service area.

As always, the Health Care For All HelpLine is here to help people navigate this process: 1-800-272-4232.
-Gisela Bryan

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