Public Health Committee Approves CMSP, Drug Marketing, Outreach Bills

Yesterday the Joint Committee on Public Health, chaired by Senator Susan Fargo and Representative Jeffrey Sanchez recommended favorably 27 bills, and moved along two additional bills to the Committee on Health Care Financing.  Among the bills were some important HCFA priorities that will make a difference in improved health for people in Massachusetts. We thank Chairs Fargo and Sanchez for approving these measures, and hope they will quickly move through the legislative process.

Unbiased Prescription Drug Information: The Committee approved H. 3367, sponsored by Rep. Jason Lewis, to strengthen the Massachusetts “academic detailing” program. The program sends trained medical educators to physicians who provide evidence-based educational materials on the best use of prescription drugs. The program counters the often biased promotional sales pitches offered by the pharmaceutical representatives, and instead allows prescribers to rely on science when deciding on drug therapies. The proposal also calls on DPH to identify a funding source for the program. The program will help reduce health care costs by promoting improved provider education, and appropriate, effective drug use.

Improve Children’s Medical Security Plan: The Committee discharged H. 1501, introduced by Rep. Liz Malia, to the Health Care Financing Committee. The bill updates our antiquated statute governing the Children’s Medical Security Plan, which provides basic coverage to uninsured children. The current law caps benefits such as prescription drugs, dental care and mental health services.  The bill will expand coverage by eliminating these hard limits, and allow the administration to set benefits based on the needs of children in the program.

Community Outreach and Enrollment: Also approved was H. 598, introduced by Rep. Stephen Kulik (including a companion bill sponsored by Sen. Sal DiDomenico), which will establish a permanent Outreach and Education unit within EOHHS. The office would distribute grants statewide to community and nonprofit groups for outreach, enrollment assistance and retention of coverage assistance, and education on effective and appropriate use of health care coverage. The bill would institutionalize the outreach grant program, which was critical in building enrollment and helping people maintain their coverage. Funding for the program was eliminated this year, ending an effective program.
-Gisela Bryan and Brian Rosman

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3 Responses to Public Health Committee Approves CMSP, Drug Marketing, Outreach Bills

  1. sergesamko says:

    I think what they should also focus on in reaching children with necessary education about healthcare, healthy habits, and how the whole system works. Think about all the clueless kids growing up who don’t have any idea about any of these things.

  2. Beth says:

    The academic detailing component is intriguing. It will actually lead to more branded utilization. Massachusetts physicians already prescribe an inordinate percentage of generics, based on the BCBS of MA kickbacks. With academic, evidence-based detailing, there will be more impetus to prescribe brands that actually have proven their benefit over generic treatments. This one will actually help pharma. Unless of course, the idea is to model academic detailing for other states.

  3. S. Brownstein says:

    I’m happy to learn of expanded coverage & outreach. Another important component of cost containment must be robust data mining to prevent abuses, For too long the spotlight has focused on inappropriate use of resources by patients and greed of providers, data mining can help focus on those with malicious intent profit improperly from the healthcare system.

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