Rally Calls For Full MassHealth Dental Benefits

Channel 22 (Springfield) Covers MassHealth Dental Benefits Rally 4-4-12

More than 80 consumers, advocates, legislators, and staff flooded the State House Member’s Lounge yesterday, wearing red in support of Restoring Essential Dental benefits to MassHealth.

Kathy Eklund, chair of the Oral Health Advocacy Taskforce (OHAT), kicked off the afternoon by reminding the room that “in order to ensure the health of every community across Commonwealth, including our most vulnerable populations, benefits must be fully restored.”

MassHealth consumer Harriotte Hurie Ranvig shared her story with the assembled crowd, highlighting oral health as a key part of overall health.

William Felix, another MassHealth consumer, shared his story with Health Care For All. “I have a large cavity that I cannot get filled because of the changes in coverage,” he said. “I cannot sleep well, I am stressed, and I’m starting to have stomach problems, all because of the pain. Oral health affects a lot of systemic diseases. I worry not only for my health, but also for the rest of my community.”

Senator Harriette Chandler and Representative John Scibak, co-chairs of the Oral Health Caucus, were on hand to encourage attendees to visit their legislators at the end of the speaking program. They both highlighted the recent success of advocates in getting 94 legislators – nearly half of the whole legislative body – to sign on to a letter supporting MassHealth adult dental restoration.

WWLP in Springfield was on hand to report on the rally, and aired this segment, featuring Representative Scibak and OHAT steering committee member Joan Lowbridge-Sisley, on their nightly news.
-Courtney Chelo

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5 Responses to Rally Calls For Full MassHealth Dental Benefits

  1. amanda says:

    we need all our dental benefits for masshealth reinstated. this is crazy i take meds i am to eat now u tell me how can ppl eat so they can take meds when they unable to do this with their mouth in pain and in need of fillings or dentures?
    hey mr president if your mouth was in need of dentures and or fillings and your insurance wouldnt cover it an you couldnt afford it what would you do?
    well think of what we the ppl are goin through…how can we be there for our kids if we cant have our fillings or dentures so that we can eat to keep up our health an be able care for our kids?
    plz mr prez i am askn plz reinstall all our benifits

  2. Ken Smith says:

    I was in an auto accident back in Jan. of ’86. Let’s just say I am alive. (still disabled) Up until ’09 I paid top dollar for Med ins and all my dental was my own expense. Finally getting MassHealth I was allowed dental once, a partial(piece of shit) and two fillings. Now I need major dental help, and cant afford it. (Three cavities, one under a previously capped tooth) Beautiful fxxxing country………………Only in America. Where the $$$ is KING

  3. jene26 says:

    Great , great cause. Hopefully this will open people’s eyes on how expensive dental care is and maybe we can get people the help they need.

  4. Mrs Me says:

    We have elderly friends who can not eat a decent meal or speak properly because they have ill fitting dentures or no dentures at all. How can these people be so heartless? I do not understand how ANY medical benefit can be cut, especially dental. No one is asking for veneers or anything cosmetic. Basic dentures so our elderly friends can smile again. Is anyone listening? Do you care? Who cut this benefit back in 2009?

  5. Justa Mom says:

    From what I have heard, they still won’t reinstate these benefits for FY2013.
    What is wrong with our government? How can you take away health benefits while funding other projects? Sad to think those that have no voice get ignored. The elderly, the disabled, the poor. It just SUCKS in my opinion !! It’s like nobody cares.

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