Stay Healthy, My Friends – Join us Thursday at State House

Support the Public Health Trust

The most interesting advocates in the world are gathering together at the State House to call for meaningful investment in public health and prevention as a part of payment reform.

Civic leaders from around the state are coming and we’re proud of the legislators who are welcoming us to the State House: Sen. Harriette Chandler and Rep. Jason Lewis, Chairs of the Prevention for Health Caucus; Sen. Susan Fargo and Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez, Chairs of the Joint Committee on Public Health; and Rep. Stephen Kulik.

This Thursday (April 12) at 10:30 am in Rm. 222 of the State House, Health Care for All is teaming up with the Mass Public Health Association and others in a day of action to call for meaningful investments in public health and prevention.

We know that the best way to lower health care costs and improve our quality of life is by investing in prevention and public health programs that keep us healthy. That’s why supporting the prevention trust is so important. So join us on April 12 at the State House!

Stay healthy my friends.
-Ari Fertig

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