Channel 5’s Dr. Tim: Payment Reform May Be National Model

Channel 5 report on payment reform proposal

All this week Boston’s channel 5 is doing a series tied to the 6th anniversary of Chapter 58, the Massachusetts health reform law.

[By the way – Governor Patrick will be hosting a commemoration on Wednesday, April 11, at 12:30 p.m. at Faneuil Hall, where the health reform bill was signed into law 6 years ago]

Today’s report looked at payment reform. Governor Patrick said he is looking for a bill soon, and explained that “It really is about changing the way we deliver and pay for health care, that moves the emphasis in care to wellness and prevention and away from just responding to sickness.”

Long-time channel 5 medical editor Tim Johnson picked up on the momentum in the State House and among the health industry. In his wrap-up, framed about politics and former Governor Romney, Dr. Johnson noted,

…it’s looking pretty good. We have almost universal coverage in the state, that’s quite remarkable. And they really are working hard on cost control in some very creative ways. So if this turns out to be a model for both universal coverage and cost control, it’s going to be very hard for him [Romney] to walk away from it. …It’s going to be fascinating as a potential model for the country.

We can attest to lots of interest from around the country on Massachusetts payment reform. As we wait for the legislation to emerge, we continue to work to make sure the bill moves the emphasis to wellness and prevention, too.
-Brian Rosman

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One Response to Channel 5’s Dr. Tim: Payment Reform May Be National Model

  1. ? says:


    With the 6th anniversary of Chapter 58 coming up, why not do a story on people who have had zero cost, with zero cost to taxpayer also, over those years? Zero cost, Brian, zero. How’s that for payment reform?

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