House Begins Payment Reform Debate – Amendments to Support

The House’s health care reform bill represents a unique opportunity to improve care and lower health costs. By keeping the needs of patients and consumers uppermost, we can lead the nation in better, more affordable health

 Health Care for All and its Campaign for Better Care ask you to support these amendments that support effective, comprehensive patient centered payment and delivery reform.

Please support the following amendments (click for our nice 1-pager):

  • #3  Accessible Web Site (Chan) | Makes the consumer information web site more accessible by including languages other than English, and making it accessible for people with disabilities.
  • #8 Savings Shared with Consumers (Sciortino) | Ensures that consumers realize financial savings from the new payment model.
  • #20 Consumer Voice in the Design of the Wellness Program (Andrews) | Makes sure that regulations around employer wellness programs reflect concerns of consumer groups, people with chronic disease and disabilities, seniors, and other experts.
  • #51 Patient confidence in quality measures (Kulik) | Requires that quality measures include patient confidence and patient engagement.
  • #67 Transparency in Smart Tiering (Scibak) | Provides consumers with full disclosure of cost-sharing differences and access to low cost options for all services.
  • #69 Appeals Process for ACOs and Provider Organizations (Brodeur) | Establishes strong consumer protection s to ensure that patients can access an independent appeals process.
  • #125 Strengthen Patient Centered Care (Fox) | Allows providers affiliated with PCMHs and ACOs to  provide patient-centered care that meets the needs of all of their patients.
  • #182  Checklists (Provost) | Encourages the use of checklists of care by hospitals and publicly reports on each individual hospital’s use of checklists.
  • #183 Patient Choice (Provost) | Allows patients to choose their providers within a health plan.
  • #184 Palliative Care Awareness (Provost) | Requires health care providers to offer to inform patients with a terminal illness about options for palliative care and to provide such information if the patient so chooses.
  • #216 Close the Loophole on “other tobacco products” (Hecht) | Brings the tax rate to non-cigarette tobacco products to the same level as cigarettes, raising $10.5 million annually to fund the Prevention Trust and helping curb youth tobacco use.
  • #219 Reward Good Outcomes (Sanchez) | Uses payment incentives to reward hospitals with lower rates of preventable complications and avoidable readmissions.
  • #261 Patient Protection Duties of Division (Story) | Ensures that payment reform truly benefits consumers and promotes patient-centered care by establishing strong protections. The provisions in this amendment were included in the original House bill.

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